Dead cow girl-1
dead girl gunfight

Wild West Cowgirl gunfights and Girl Swordfights

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Cow girls shot in gunfight

Girl gets plugged in shootout. See this girlshotdead.

Do you think you can you outdraw this cow girl?

dead girl gun fight

Well, we can have it out right here.

You go for yours and she'll go for hers. And we'll see who is left standing.

So, she'll meet you at high noon for a girl gunfight

Female dead, girl gets shot in shootout

hot dead girl gun fight shootout

Two girls meet at High Noon on Main Street for a shootout... and one of them gets her belly filled full of lead. See these hot girls become a hot dead girls

Girl getting shot in dead girl gun fight

hot dead girl gun fight killed

A bounty hunter girl tracks down an outlaw girl but ends up getting a bullet in the belly. See this girl get shot in the belly.

Girls killed in sword fight.

cute dead girl in a swordfight

Lady Guinevere fights evil forces and saves the kingdom from war and destruction in this four part dead girl sword fight series.

Click on the image at left or below to see medieval swordbabes become medieval dead girls in these four picture stories.

cute dead girl is stabbed in the belly in a sword fight

Sample image: An almost dead girl is stabbed in the belly in a sword fight. From the Girl Sword fight series.

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