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dead girl gunfight

Cowgirl Gunfights and Girl Sword Fights

Cow girls shot in gunfight

Sarah dreams she is an Old West outlaw that robs a bank but ends up getting filled full of lead by bounty hunters in a big shootout. See this cowgirl gunfight.

Outlaw Jessi brings us an interactive online gunfight game!

dead girl gun fight

This web site isn't big enough for the two of us!

So I guess we're gonna have to have a shootout!

If you shoot straight and plug me, I'll fall dead with a "ya got me" expression.

But if you miss, I'll plug you in the belly.

Are you fast enough to shoot me in an Old West gunfight game?

Well, we're fixin to find out where you stand... or lie... as the case may be.

So, I'll meet you at high noon over at the graveyard for a showdown!

Amanda and Sarah Gun Fights

hot dead girl gun fight shootout

Sarah and Amanda meet at High Noon on Main Street for a shootout... and one of them gets her belly filled full of lead. There are two versions of this gunfight: the winner in one version is the loser in the other version. See both versions.

Bounty Hunter Amanda

hot dead girl gun fight killed

Bounty Hunter Amanda tracks down Outlaw Sarah but ends up getting plugged. See Amanda the Bounty Hunter.

Medieval Fantasy Girls Sword Fights

cute dead girl in a swordfight

Anna, as Lady Guinevere, fights evil forces to save her kingdom from war and destruction in this four part girl sword fight series.

cute dead girl is stabbed in the belly in a sword fight

Sample image from the Girl Sword fight series: Guinevere leaves the Spirit World.

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